If you’re thinking of a career as a paramedic or EMT, you clearly take the idea of emergency medical services seriously. You have a passion for it. That’s why you should consider a career with us. We have a passion for it, too, and we take it just as seriously as you do.

A Marathon Problem

Consider the potential calls during special events like fairs and marathons, when you have a lot of people gathered together outside. What happens when you need emergency services? The large crowds these events draw make it difficult or impossible to get a full-sized ambulance to someone who needs help, and when there’s an emergency, every second counts. 

Enter the Bike Team

That’s why we have the bike team. It’s ideal for providing rapid emergency services in a crowd. Each member of the team has a portable kit containing an AED as well as other items needed for EMS care. 

Team members are deployed throughout the event, so when we get a call, somebody is nearby and able to quickly maneuver through the throng. Once we get there, the bike team member can either provide the needed care themselves or first response care while additional help makes its way in.

We Also Have ASAPs!

In addition to our bike team, we have ASAPs – a vehicle about the size of a golf cart. They’re more maneuverable than a full-sized ambulance and give us another option for getting through crowds when there’s an emergency. 

We bring whatever we can to the table to make sure that sick and hurt people get top-notch care, no matter where they are.

EMSA: EMS at the Highest Level

As you can see, we don’t let anything stop us from getting people the help they need. So if you’re not just looking for a job, but a career and a calling, you should consider joining our team. You’ll get the experience you need and learn how to do things right.

Contact us at EMSA, and get your career off to the right start! Contact a recruiter and begin the application process today.