What would you say to someone considering working for EMSA?

EMSA is a high performance EMS system. We allow our team members to hone and practice at the top of their skill set while receiving unmatched experience due to the constant exposure and diversity of critical 911 calls.

Our training is built around making sure our EMTs get good experience on patient assessments. All of our team members train together regardless of what credentialing they’re in, and that’s one of the great reasons to work for EMSA. 

We get to offer EMTs the expertise and the required continuing education training as well. 

What are you looking for in new team members, as a recruiter? 

I want to make sure that, as a recruiter, that I’m hiring those individuals who not only have a servant’s heart, but actually have the skill set and the mindset to come in to do the job. They’re already trained to be an EMT. We’re going to train them to be an EMSA EMT.

What sets EMSA apart as a workplace for EMTs?

In addition to being the top tier in EMS pay for this region, EMSA is also proactively investing into EMTs by creating a unique ladder of opportunities. We provide opportunities like preceptorship, like field training officer programs, our emergency medical dispatch positions that we have open, as well as our own in-house paramedic program—just to name a few.

It allows our EMT team members many different career paths while still earning great pay and benefits.

How do you describe the culture at EMSA and kind of how it’s developed as you’ve been there?

I’ve been here a long time at EMSA, and the culture here at EMSA is very optimistic. The future is bright. I believe we are team member-oriented and patient-centered.

We’re just here to take really good care of sick and hurt people. And I don’t care if you’re at the top of the ladder here at EMSA, you’re the COO or the CEO or you’re actually working in logistics or you’re the clinical team. You’re either a field medic treating patients in the field or you’re in support of those field medics treating patients in the field.

What sets EMSA apart in how they prepare prospective EMTs for work?

What sets EMSA apart for prospective EMTs is the dedication to training. It is completely unmatched in any other agency that I know in this region. We want our team members to have the support and the opportunities to be on the forefront of evidence-based medicine as well as to have unlimited access to clinical help and encouragement.

You know, whether it be you have your protocols at your fingertips on an app that’s either on your phone or a tablet, you can utilize all of those resources that we have. That way you can provide the best patient care possible.

Make your EMS career a reality.

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