We continued our conversation with Michael Williams about how EMSA provides support to its team members.

How does EMSA support its employees?

EMSA regularly reevaluates team members’ wages and benefits and best practices, often across the board. And we’re constantly trying to make sure that we’re doing what is right for our patients, right for our team members and for the right reasons. 

EMSA is a very supportive place to work. Our team members always check on each other after tough shifts. 

Can you tell us what happens after difficult calls? 

With tough calls, the district chief will follow that crew in, go check on them at the hospital, and offer them any assistance or see if they need any additional resources.

We will also have debriefing moments, where after the call, we get everybody that was on that call together to check in on each other. 

On top of that, we have an EAP program where they can call and actually speak with a counselor and get those needed resources for them as well. 

Why is that comradery so important?

Definitely the common thread there is that those individuals have a servant’s heart. They can actively listen without being judgmental. There’s lots of training that they go through there as well. 

Our supervisors really heighten the level of support our team members have available to them if they do utilize those resources.

What’s the impact of a supportive, team-oriented culture? 

In this career field, we are seeing more and more where mental health is truly vital. It’s in the forefront of everybody’s thoughts now, and especially those that are in the field, seeing what we see every day, doing what we do every day. 

It goes back to the culture at EMSA. And it’s so much more team member-oriented and patient-centered than I believe it ever has been before.

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