District Chief Nemuel Gutierrez-Diaz shares how EMSA’s culture sets it apart from other agencies.

EMSA is set apart compared to other agencies. The brotherhood that we have here, we can talk to anybody here freely. We joke a lot and that sense of brotherhood to me feels like being at home. I can talk openly to my parents, my brothers, and I feel the same way here. If somebody comes to me, talk to me open, I’m free to listen to what they have to say and I give ’em guidance.

You spend 12 hours with a partner that you may be working with that person for three months straight. So you get to know that person, their family, their habits. I mean, you get annoyed just like anybody when you’re working with somebody for so long. They’re just, the way they eat, they smack their lips when they eat. Think things like that. But it’s fun when you start thinking about it. Hey, I learned about this person. He has similar likes that I have.

And you start working with other people, they’re like, man, we’re here. Not because we’re different, because we’re alike.

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