Learn more about our bonuses

sign-on Bonuses available!

$10,000 sign-on bonus for EMSA Paramedics and SSCs/Dispatchers!

EMSA Sign-On Bonuses

  • Paramedic – $10,000 sign-on bonus
  • SSC (Dispatch) – $10,000 sign-on bonus
  • EMT – $5,000 sign-on bonus
  • Promotion, referral, and retention bonuses

High Performance Bonus!

Get rewarded for being a top performer. You could make more each year for being one of the best medics in our system!


Make sure you understand the terms of our bonuses!

  • All future EMSA Team Members must sign a bonus agreement.
  • Bonus payments are taxable and all regular payroll taxes will be withheld.
  • If employment is terminated, for any reason, prior to reaching their full bonus amount, any remaining bonus program payments will be forfeited.