What's New

Big Changes

Since its founding in 1977, EMSA had operated with the authority-contractor relationship. For more than four decades, an outside company was responsible for running EMSA operations and staffing our fleet of ambulances. In December 2020, EMSA became wholly responsible for operations to have better control of the EMSA system. That’s right – there is no large out-of-state company working on contractual relationship for the Authority.

Local Leadership

With EMSA now being responsible for operations, that means EMSA leadership is 100% local – based in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in town halls with the EMSA leadership team, and the CEO’s office is just a few steps from the ambulance bay.

Better Bonuses

We have increased bonuses at EMSA! From sign-on to retention and even referral, it has never been easier to make money by being a committed member of the EMSA Team.