Our Recruiters

Have questions about EMSA? Our recruiters have answers.

Michael Williams

Michael Williams began his career at EMSA in 2002. He has worked in multiple areas of the company, serving in Logistics, Communications, Paramedic and Assistant District Chief roles.

Currently, Michael is the Corporate Talent Acquisitions Chief, helping potential candidates navigate through the hiring process and spearheading strategic recruitment efforts finding talented team members to join the EMSA Mission. He is a firm believer in EMSA’s Core Values, which includes taking great care of others.

Michael was born and raised in the Oklahoma City metro area and enjoys helping new team members see all that EMSA has to offer.

Christopher Stevens

I started as an EMT basic in 1998 and was promoted to paramedic in 2001. I’ve also served EMSA as a recruiter, Special Events Coordinator, and Public Information Officer.

I love being on the recruiting team because I am very proud to wear the EMSA uniform.

There is no better job than traveling to all the EMT and paramedic programs in the region to tell the EMSA story and to share with potential candidates how cool it is to be a part of this team.