What to Expect

Here’s how our application process works.

EMSA is EMS at the highest level.

From training and clinical education to utilizing the latest technology in the field, EMSA believes achieving its mission requires the best team in EMS and the best work environment.

We are not a large publicly-traded company spread across 50 states – EMSA is a public utility authority with only two divisions in Oklahoma.

For more than 40 years, EMSA has been the Sooner State’s leader in pre-hospital healthcare, and we think our next 40 years look even brighter.

Join EMSA to see the difference for yourself!

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Pre-Hire Timeline

The timeline varies based on how quickly applicants are able to return
necessary information, but here’s generally what to expect:

What Happens on Day #1

Applicant submits completed online application.

What Happens on Day #2

Welcome email from recruitment team. Application screening begins withing 24-48 hours.

What Happens on Day #7

Interview is completed approximately one week after application submission. Once interview is completed, EMSA recruiting team will make a job offer if we feel you’re a good fit for our team.

What Happens on Day #10.1

Self-schedule physical test (POET). You must successfully complete the POET to proceed through the hiring process.

What Happens on Day #10.2

Self-schedule drug screen. Clean drug screening is mandatory for hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the starting wages?

EMTs start at $15.42 per hour. Based on a 48-hour week, $47,145.28 annual base minimum.

SSCs start at $20.39 per hour. Based on a 42-hour week. $51,212.72 annual base minimum.

Paramedics start at $21.98 per hour. Based on a 48-hour week, $67,179.84 annual base minimum.

Logistics technicians start at $13.22 per hour. Based on a 48-hour week, $43,680.00 annual base minimum.

Do you offer a paramedic, EMT, and dispatcher sign-on bonuses?

Yes. EMSA offers a $10,000 sign-on bonus for a 2-year, full-time contract to the EMSA operation in Tulsa or Oklahoma City for paramedics and dispatchers. EMTs have the opportunity for a $5,000 sign-on bonus.

Do you pay for experience?
Yes. 1.5% per year of experience in a similar system under your current licensure.
Is there a physical test if I get hired?
Yes. If offered a position, you will receive emailed instructions detailing who to contact to self-schedule
your test.
Will I need to submit to a drug screen if get hired?
Yes. If offered a position, you will receive emailed instructions detailing who to contact to self-schedule
your test.
Are uniforms provided?
Yes. We take your sizes during the hiring process and order your uniforms for you at no cost to the team
How do insurance benefits work?
Medical, dental, and vision benefits are offered to all full-time employees.
Benefits begin on the first of the month following your 30th day of employment.
What does your orientation consist of?
  • 0800-1700 M-F Classroom orientation (approximately 3 – 4 weeks),
  • Approximately 12 field rides. 4 – 12-hour FTO shifts per week with a weekly meeting with the clinical department staff to discuss progress, expectations, and goals for each week. Shift days/times will vary.
  • There will be daily mapping/geography and protocol quizzes or exams during the FTO field training.
  • We will cover protocols, BLS/ALS skills, mapping, geography, a CEVO and EVOC class is included as well as CPR, ACLS, PALS (if applicable), (NIMS if needed), OMD trauma assessment and Pit Crew mega-code.
  • For Paramedics, there will be a final meeting with OMD as well as the written protocol exam and the mapping and geography exam. Protocols are online here.
What are your schedules like?
  • We typically work 4 (12-hour) shifts per week. You will choose a shift after your FTO clears you from orientation.
  • Shifts are based on a shift bid and awarded on seniority.
  • Shifts begin around the clock. It is impossible to predict what shift you may end up with at first and may include nights and/or weekends.
How often are your shift bids?
The shift bid is three times a year in both our Tulsa operation and our Oklahoma City operation.
Do you offer continuing education?
Yes. There are several offerings per month for CE and refreshers as well. You are paid to attend these
classes each month.
Do you offer paramedic training?
Yes. After your 6-month probationary period, EMTs are eligible to apply to our in-house paramedic
program. You will be paid to attend full-time paramedic class and may be required to work street shifts
as necessary. We set up all your clinicals and classes for you. We pay for everything up front for you,
including clinical sites.

You are required to sign a 3-year full-time contract prior to the start of the paramedic program if you are

Do you offer EMT training?
Yes! Visit our EMSA Advantage page to learn more about our EMT training program.
Are there opportunities for career growth?
Absolutely. We hire from within, and we aim to help you build bridges to whatever career goals you have.